Monday, 22 July 2013

Training for comps

You cant just show up on race day and expect to do well you have to train and eat the right food. I am currently training for our Interschools which start in two days time.

My Food Timeline:

2 Weeks before: No Processed  food
1 Week before:  No Processed food
2 Days before Carbo load   
1 Night before: Carbo load

Training timeline:

The best time in train is in winter because you can actually work on skiing. You can join winter sport clubs (Steamboat Springs, Perisher) or any other clubs. If there is no snow you can build up strength and muscles. You can run, swim, roller ski or anything else that get you moving. Team sports are really good too.

I am not a part of a club yet (mum won't let me until I am older) so I just get as much ski mileage as I can however I can. Yesterday as the weather was not particularly good, and I took a day off skiing, I took my ski poles and went hill bounding. This is just what is sounds like. Bounding up hills. It wore me out!

Keep up the good work

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