Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Night before moguls

Tomorrow is the start of interschools 2013. I am scared but excited tomorrow is moguls held in Perisher. Imogen my little sister is before me and I am after her. After I have finished I will go and train for skier X and preferbly alpine. More skiing more fun. The best motto I have ever heard has got to be; No friend on powder days and my second has got to be; Eat, Sleep, Ski. The most imortant motto of all that I think of every race is; Try your best and have fun while at it. If I did not know that I shouldn't even bother. I can't wait until tomorrow. I have tried really hard and put in lots of effort in training today and I did really well and I improved. So I will give a tip let's call it tip of the day: Try you best and have fun while at it.

I am going to bed soon because I have to wake up early. wish me good luck.

Good night champs!

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