Sunday, 25 August 2013


Until Friday I am at home and of skiis I am trying to relax but it is hard in this house hold. This weekend my soccer team won there game Mums friend came over it has all been pretty normal. Mum tried something new today called the McMahon family games. We did tennis and basketball. We also had to practise our Mogul jumps on the trampoline. It was fun but I wish I had done more.

Poll Results

With 4 votes Steamboat won the poll!
With 2 votes Aspen 2nd
With 3 Votes Tellirude came 3rd

Saturday, 24 August 2013


Last week I was out on the slopes again but i wasn’t going down the hill. I was skating up (cross country skiing). It was fun but I didn’t do very well our team came second. Individually i came 22 which is not so good even out of the amount people i raced. After, my team and I went out to Aldo's for pizza. We played games and then went to the awards it was a pretty normal day. Let me tell you it was better than being at school.  I got into cross country from Nordic jumping. My sister and I are the only Australians that do Nordic jumping.

 I hope most of you have subscribed to my poll because I am going to make a new one about your favourite type of skiing. If you have never tried skiing on snow before I suggest you get out there because I promise and cross my heart you'll love it.

Write to u soon.