Saturday, 24 August 2013


Last week I was out on the slopes again but i wasn’t going down the hill. I was skating up (cross country skiing). It was fun but I didn’t do very well our team came second. Individually i came 22 which is not so good even out of the amount people i raced. After, my team and I went out to Aldo's for pizza. We played games and then went to the awards it was a pretty normal day. Let me tell you it was better than being at school.  I got into cross country from Nordic jumping. My sister and I are the only Australians that do Nordic jumping.

 I hope most of you have subscribed to my poll because I am going to make a new one about your favourite type of skiing. If you have never tried skiing on snow before I suggest you get out there because I promise and cross my heart you'll love it.

Write to u soon.

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