Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Please Help these Great Causes!!!

I recently overheard my mother talking to a work colleague about some hardships she was having with her husband battling cancer, and her sister who has been in a coma in hospital for a long time, so I wanted to do something to help. Imogen and I have been Nordic Jumping on our normal ski's for fun in Steamboat Springs. This year we are going to do it on real Nordic Ski's!!! We are very excited! We don't think there are many (or any) other Australian's that do this sport! Last year, my sister and I managed to jump 12.5 and 11.5 meters in distance in the local Wednesday night competition in Steamboat Springs (and with a total of 23m each over two jumps)- in the Hitchens Brothers series. ( This year, we will jump in the competition for a purpose. I am hoping some kind people in the Canberra and wider community might sponsor them for a pledge per metre they jump at the first Wednesday night competition in January 2014. Charities I will support with the money raised: 1. The Global School Partners Canberra Sunshine Academy- helping children in Kenya attend school- a charity I have been involved in for over a year now. ( 2. Hands Across Canberra- ensuring money goes to charities in need in their local community ( 3. Raising money for their mothers work colleague who is having a very difficult year with medical requirements/ expenses for two of her immediate family members. 100% of the proceeds will go equally to these charitable causes. You can track the event and the training on my ski blog! HOW TO DONATE: You can donate to Westpac Account BSB 032719 Account 528646. If you would like to pledge $1 per metre jumped, please leave a comment on my page, or email my mum and we will let you know how far we jump in Jan 2014!!!