Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day of Moguls

Today was the day of moguls it was very scary and really made my heart pump. I found it fun which was the best result. I have done moguls before but not in interschools so that was scary. I came 9th Izzy came 3rd and all together our team came 3rd.  I did well for my first time in interschools but I could of done better. We got into nationals which is held in Mt Bulla in Victoria. I have never skied there before so I am excited. I love interschools but I have a long week ahead and 3 comps left. After the comp my coach Dougy took me out to look at the Skier X course and I was skiing to a Tbar and I got hit by a heavy skier who crushed me and hurt my back and my shoulder. Hopefuly I can have more fun in interschools tomorrow in Alpine.

Wish me & my back good luck
Good night Skiers


Today I had alpine. Alpine is usually one of my best races but I made the mistake of not waxing or tuning my skis. I came 12th it was okay but I could of done even better. It was lots of fun and I had a good time. Imogens race was at 11:00am and my race was at 2:30pm so I skied with Amber while Immie raced and then I had course inspection at 2:00pm. My second run was better than my first run. Then I had a fun run with Sophie, Clare & Grace. Grace and Sophie fell of the Tbar because their skis collided. Our team came 1st and Clare, Sophie & Graces team came 3rd. We did well today!

Fellow skiers, don't forget to go to the bottom of my blog and add your vote to my poll on your favourite ski resort!

Awesome job Girls Grammar

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Night before moguls

Tomorrow is the start of interschools 2013. I am scared but excited tomorrow is moguls held in Perisher. Imogen my little sister is before me and I am after her. After I have finished I will go and train for skier X and preferbly alpine. More skiing more fun. The best motto I have ever heard has got to be; No friend on powder days and my second has got to be; Eat, Sleep, Ski. The most imortant motto of all that I think of every race is; Try your best and have fun while at it. If I did not know that I shouldn't even bother. I can't wait until tomorrow. I have tried really hard and put in lots of effort in training today and I did really well and I improved. So I will give a tip let's call it tip of the day: Try you best and have fun while at it.

I am going to bed soon because I have to wake up early. wish me good luck.

Good night champs!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Training for comps

You cant just show up on race day and expect to do well you have to train and eat the right food. I am currently training for our Interschools which start in two days time.

My Food Timeline:

2 Weeks before: No Processed  food
1 Week before:  No Processed food
2 Days before Carbo load   
1 Night before: Carbo load

Training timeline:

The best time in train is in winter because you can actually work on skiing. You can join winter sport clubs (Steamboat Springs, Perisher) or any other clubs. If there is no snow you can build up strength and muscles. You can run, swim, roller ski or anything else that get you moving. Team sports are really good too.

I am not a part of a club yet (mum won't let me until I am older) so I just get as much ski mileage as I can however I can. Yesterday as the weather was not particularly good, and I took a day off skiing, I took my ski poles and went hill bounding. This is just what is sounds like. Bounding up hills. It wore me out!

Keep up the good work

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Addicted to snow

If you have read my poll it asked you what is your favorite ski resort well I have got my vote that is Steamboat Springs Colorado. I go there every ski season and I have been going since I was four it has great snow and great people. Every single day I use my season pass it has never gone to waste. I tellemark, cross country and alpine you name it I have tried them all.

The top 5 places ski (references: Family, friends)
1. Steamboat, Colorado (Me)
2.Telluride, Colorado (Izzy)
3. Vail, Colorado (Mum)
4. Aspen, Colorado (Clare & Grace)
5. Whistler, Canada (Aunty)

So if you would please put your vote into my poll the winning resort will go on to my list to ski one day. When I do ski that resort I will give it as many stars I think it should get out of 5.

Thxs for reading!
By Paris
My sister Immie, the amazing Billy Kidd (Steamboat Olympian) and me! We got to forerun the 39th Annual Cowboy Downhill. Photo thanks to Steamboat Resort! I hope we get to do it again this year! (hint hint)

Introducing me!

Hi I am Paris and I am 11. I love to ski. I like Alpine skiing, moguls, cross country skating and I even sometimes jump on nordic jumps (on my Alpine skis).
 My favourite place to ski is in Steamboat, Colorado. (This picture is from the Steamboat Today, taken by John Russell during the Cowboy Downhill with my little sister) My second favourite place is in Perisher in Australia. I am starting a blog to give you ski tips and to share my stories as I ski as much as mum lets me!

Get out there and ski!