Thursday, 12 December 2013

Training for January

Today I did training at Howlesen Hill. I did the 60m out-run and the 40m out-run. It was so much fun, bit scary at first. I got measured for Jumping Skis today and my suite. It was so exciting I had so much fun. All of my team is so nice to me even though I'm new in the team.

I forgot to tell you that I went to Howlsen to have lunch at Carls. We caught up with some friends named Mimi Star (Miriam) and Captain Sam (Sam). We saw my aunty Kylie's plaque outside of Carls. She was in the Walk of Olympians which are several plaques along the side walk in the cement. It is very interesting. Just up the road there is a hall of fame which holds two of my Aunty's flags for the Olympics. She was invited to three Olympics but she could only attend two because she hurt her back so she  couldn't attend one. She is Awesome!

I had such fun today and yesterday. I love Steamboat.

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