Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Back in Steamboat

Back in Paradise!!!!! 

Yes, Im in Steamboat again!!! As you might know I am Nordic jumping in January to raise money for people in need. I am having my first training session for an hour this afternoon and I am very excited. I am so excited to be in Steamboat it is my favourite place in the world! It would be the first place I would recommend to anyone. I ski all day, have a hot chocolate at the Ptarmigan Inn then go training at Howlsen Hill at Night. It is first class to me. I had lots of fun last year fore running the Cowboy Downhill and I talked to Mike Lane today and I might be able to do it again! Yay. I love Steamboat it has so many nice people and so many fun thing to do. Don't tell anyone but I prefer Steamboat over my own house in Australia. Why would I recommend Steamboat? 

1.The Snow is the best I have ever skied 

2.Everyone that lives here is Nice ( i even have more friends here than Australia) 
3.There are so many fun things to do 
4.There are so many Awesome events 
5.I could go on forever but I don't know if you are allowed to post a blog that big 
6.Who wouldn't come to Steamboat. 

Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths in and out. Imagine that you have just come off a 14 hour plane trip and you are so tired. You are about to get on another plane for two hours to Hayden in Colorado. When you arrive in Hayden you get a Alpine taxi and it takes you to a wonderful place called Steamboat Springs. You are suddenly filled with excitement when you see all the beautiful lights and people and families together you are filled with happiness and you feel at home. This is what I feel like when I arrive in Steamboat. I feel even better but it is such a good feeling that I can not put it in words. I hope to see you in Steamboat. If you do come and you are on the mountain skiing or snowboarding look out for a crazy little girl in colourful green, blue and yellow pants and a purple or blue Jacket. I also wear a blue helmet. Say hi and tell me that you read my blog.

I hope to see you on the slopes!!
See you, Paris

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